It seems the graphic design industry is slowly colliding with (or more like bleeding into) it’s different specialties. Some say the age of the “specialist” designer (i.e. print, motion, web) could be obsolete in the future. Nonsense I say. Though I do believe that every designer should at least get their feet wet in different branches of our fantastic industry (that’s a whole other topic), projects like this “Live the Language” campaign show the glory of seamless collaboration between individuals that are quite talented in their respective fields. Collaboration at its finest.

I first saw these “Live the Language” videos on Vimeo earlier this year. The thumbnail showed this neat type treatment of sorts. I didn’t expect much; it’s rare to find commercial advertisement that kept the importance of typography in mind throughout the process. But I was pleasantly surprised (wanted to stand up and clap!) Obviously we’re dealing with “language” therefore the typography to these videos should be (or had to be) flawless in order for it to be effective, judging by the final product of course.

Albin Holmqvist
Website | Twitter | Dribbble

Directed by Gustav Johansson
D.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf
Typography: Albin Holmqvist
Music: Magnus Lidehäll
Produced at Camp David
Client: EF Int. Language Centers
Needless to say these “Live the Language” videos were so elegantly put together and well thought out, almost as if they are each their own short-film. Great story telling, beautiful cinematography, engaging sound design but here’s the kicker (and where most great shorts fall… well… short) the type treatments were so well put together that they seem like they belong in each clip. No superfluous design elements, no cheap type tricks. Just clean, fun, and intelligent typography that instead of distracting from the visuals, just adds that little extra frosting to them.

I tweeted about the vids and the man behind the type, Albin Holmqvist, hopefully I get to interview him in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy these delicious treatments, get lost in the stories, learn a new language and share the love. My favorite one you ask? I find them all unique but since ‘Paris’ was the first one I saw and connected with emotionally, I’d have to say that’s my fave.

Here are a few of my favorites from the series.