[Update 2/26: I was invited to try out this new double exposure app by Diana. Take a look at it here: Link]

[Update 2/25: Thanks to Abduzeedo for the feature in Daily Inspiration: Link]

Been hooked on HBO’s “True Detective” starring Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson. If you haven’t had a chance, take a look at this new show. It’s a little slow paced but very, very captivating. Beginning with a mysterious murder in rural Louisiana, the protagonist have a really dark crime to solve and explain. The story-telling switches from past to present often, but it is really well told. Has quite a few NSFW scenes, but if you can bare that, give it a look.

Not only is the show fantastic, the opening title is equally mesmerizing, easily one of my all time favorites. Antibody did a beautiful sequence that elegantly dances with the theme song of the show. There is a full case study on the show’s title here.

I was burning the midnight oil a few days ago after watching the last episodes with my girlfriend, when I decided to take a crack at the double exposure style of the opening titles of True Detective. It wasn’t easy. I realize now, it’s very important the two (or more) photos you decide to merge. I looked for tutorials, there are a few good ones, including one at Abduzeedo but still found that there really isn’t just one way to get the perfect end result.

Here is my final piece. I did add some extra elements (not just two on top of each other.) Really happy how it turned out. I want to keep practicing, doing different exposure styles and see where that leads.

True Detective Double Exposure Trial

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