[alert style=”info”] Note: This project was created for a course during my academic career
at Miami International University of Art & Design. [/alert]

The goal of the class was to choose a non-profit organization. I chose TWLOHA because of the great cause they serve and their minimal aesthetic style.

We had to create a sponsor package this organization would sendout to potential sponsors to grab their attention and, of course, get funding. We had to include, brochure (at least 4 pages) gala invite/envelope, multimedia disc and gift/souvenier.

I did some research and brainstormed on a design direction, concluded that a cube would serve best. Its’ dimensions are 5 x 5 x 5.

I tried designing it as close to their scheme as possible. The foldout brochure was a bit tedious, after I made a mockup, so I decided to add a little “designdiddy” as instructions. After it was done, I submitted it for a few Award shows and received several for this piece.