Take Stock In Children

Client: Ronin Advertising
Project: Take Stock In Children “Change A Life Over Lunch” Campaign
Deliverables: Campaign Branding, Collateral, Commercial Art Direction, Marketing Items.
Project Notes:  One of the first projects I was hired for at the agency was to take a concept they created and bring it to life through collateral, branding and an online commercial. I was handed a brief and key art with the Lunch bag by the Creative Director and was given a green light to start concepting on typography, creative campaign elements and commercial environment.

The creative team along with the copy writers came up with the “Change a Life Over Lunch” tagline and campaign for their client, Take Stock in Children. The idea behind the campaign “Change a Life Over Lunch” was to promote the mentorship program that Take Stock in Children offers to “at risk” children in order to give them an opportunity for a scholarship towards academics.



First thing I needed to do was research on what the bag would look like and what kind of typography it should have. I decided to hand-letter the typography as to keep that human element that is reminiscent of child-like school hand writing at the same time keeping it legible and strong.

I suggested the type on the bag be silk-screened so that it retains that earthy feel of paper and ink. We used local printer The Fine Print Shoppe for the first batch of bagsthat would be given at the campaign launch event where the commercial would debut in efforts to get more mentors to sign up. The bag would include promotional pieces as seen below, along with brochure and other goodies.
Initial sketch and vectorized lettering.


Promotional Products

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[one_half]iPhone In Hand[/one_half][one_half_last]iPad - Angled[/one_half_last]



Since I researched for some environment/style of shooting inspiration, I was able to illustrate some storyboards for the TSIC “Change a Life Over Lunch” video commercial.


Photography & Filming

After printing the bags, getting prices on production and having a strong direction for branding it was time to schedule the commercial shoot. The agency hired the spectacular work of photographer and director Tom Cwenar  for the commercial. I worked with the production manager  and AE to scout location and choose talent for the shoot. Due to budget, everything had to be filmed in one day. It was an exhausting day but it was full of behind the scenes shenanigans. Take a look at the final promotional campaign commercial below.



Marketing Material

Along with the rest of collateral, I created a set of promotional posters that would be given to mentors and sponsors. The brochure was a nice piece with a neat gatefold that would reveal the content. Printed on 16 point stock.

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