Rhema Soul [RED]

Client: Good City Music
Project: Rhema Soul “RED”
Deliverables: Album brand, custom typography, packaging and art direction.
Project Notes: The members and friends of Good City Music, hired me once again to create their album art for Rhema Soul’s [technically] junior album entitled “RED.”

This time around, I collaborated with good bud, David Moreno of Dajo Photography for imagery. We met early in the process to discuss creative direction. Rhema Soul painted the picture of what the message of their album was and I instantly knew which direction to take it.



This album was a mature evolution from their previous. I wanted the moodboard to showcase both elegance with duotone photography and hand lettering for that human element.



The photoshoot was done in various locations in Downtown Miami and in my Loft. The stylist, Denise Ramos from The Salvation Group, did a great job with the groups modern wardrobe.

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Initial Cover Concepts

I wanted the color red to serve more as a highlight, complimenting the duotone photography and the hand lettered typography. I submitted these along with a more obvious, red album cover. They eventually chose the latter.



Album Art

Combining the colors, photography and lettering, I created a small booklet for the insert. Each spread gave the reader a seamless experience.