Olan Rogers [Brand • Tour]

Client: Olan Rogers
Project: Tour Branding 2013
Deliverables: Logo/Identity, Tour Branding.
Project Notes: I’ve been a fan of Olan Rogers’ YouTube sketches for a few years. The guy is out-right hilarious and creative with his videos and short stories, not to mention a swell guy. One of my all-time favorites is probably the “Lions Blaze” (a tribute to gamers.)

He decided to go on his first tour to meet fans and friends that have supported him throughout the years, offering free pizza, soda and shenanigans. I reached out to Olan to see if I could give him a hand with his brand and his tour. I was glad we worked together on the project. Overall, I feel everything reflected Olan’s personality.

Concepting & Branding

I took a few days to hand-letter the brand name and tour title. I like using glossy stock with my Sharpie’s and Faber-Castell; it makes writing a lot smoother.

After sketching, I chose some lettering I thought worked well with his personality and vectorized it. I also made a type-treatment for the tour.

Olan Rogers Brand Print

Tour Brand 2013