Client: Ronin Advertising
Project: LGKG Commercial
Deliverables: Advertisinment Creative Direction.
Project Notes: The good folks at Ronin Advertising flew me up to the city of Pittsburgh, P.A. to helpset the mood for a new testimonial campaign for LGKG, a local law firm well known by the community.

The team arrived early in the morning along with production to setup. I went over the testimonials and shot locations I chose the week prior with the Creative Director. Everything was filmed in one day on location of the LGKG offices. In total of four testimonials; two of which are available.

Was great to hear all the good outcomes from each case, and wonderful to meet such happy clients. See the the first testimonial at the bottom of this page.

For this second testimonial (above,) we had to change locations. The kid, Hunter, had a great story to tell but the angle indoors was too moody, so I scouted around and found the outside to be fitting.