Kelly Blanco

Client: Kelly Blanco
Project: Kelly Blanco
Deliverables: Brand identity & Photography.
Project Notes: On May 19th, I spent the day with a longtime friend, talented journalist, Kelly Blanco for a photo session. I’ve known her a little over a decade and finally we were able to work on a fun project together. We met at my loft in Downtown Miami and just walked around nearby areas all within a 3 block radius. Most of the shots were at Bayside and Bayfront Park. You can see the images below.

I also worked on her brand (which I uploaded on my Dribbble page) and helped begin her new site.

She’s a host and journalist with tons of experience in the media game currently working at NBC 6. Here’s just a few of her vids on her YouTube page. Kelly has quite the connections in the industry and has done a few shoots with some talented photographers for her website. I’m excited to be a part of it.

Recently I’ve been quite the fan of natural light which I feel worked well with her natural & delicate good-looks as it’s soft on the eyes. In the future, I’d love to get more into light-kit shooting when I upgrade equipment. But I’m quite happy how the shots turned out. I used an old Canon Rebel so I had to do a bit of post-prod to get the color and sharpness right but it wasn’t too bad.  Alternatively you can view these in a set in my Flickr account.


Photo Session

We took a few shots at my condo building, Vizcayne, then walked around Downtown, Bayside and Bayfront. We found a few neat places to shoot and even ran into some skateboarders that let us shoot whilst they skated around the park.

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Used a giant 18×24 cover gloss stock to write dozens of initials ‘K’ & ‘B.’ I also wanted to incorporate a whimsical heart within the initials.

Kelly Blanco Logo Sketch


Chose two colors that I felt reflected Kelly’s personality and made some concepts with typography that complimented the hand-lettering. Made a few designs for the possible collateral.

Kelly made the project fun. The results were a direct reflection of Kelly’s personality and image. (See results below)