I have FINALLY graduated from Miami International University of Art & Design (aka Art Institute Miami)! After almost 4 years of hardwork, latenites, freakouts and the like, my academic career is finally over (unless I decide to get my Masters degree, which I probably will). I also won Portfolio of the Quarter in our graduating class! That’s pretty awesome I think.

We had our Portfolio Review last week Wednesday (March 24, 2010) and I hear people say it was the best graphic design class to graduate (or so I hear hehe) Such a great group of people and I invite you to checkout their work.

I had my best bud come to our Portfolio Review and take some footage which I then used to put together this short video of the event (above.) We also made this little book as a group. The first time ever a class has done that.

So what now? I’m extremely happy with how everything turned out. God has been such a key component to this whole thing. He’s given me so much undeserved favor, I can’t help but be eternally grateful.

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I had a good amount of employers interested in hiring me either full time or for internships in Miami such as FriendsWithYou, Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Bridger Conway to name a few. Some amazing opportunities. Unfortunately, I’m not at a place to intern right now since I have to get crackin’ on paying for school and life in general.

So I accepted one of the offers as Art Director for Onyx Group. A growing firm in Tallahassee, Florida. I’ve worked with them part-time for about a year or so and I’m excited to help them grow as an Agency.

• I won a total of eight (8) ADDY Awards. Seven for Onyx and one for The Art Institute. Really proud of that!

• I finally bought a new MacBookPro. Her names’ Petunia.

• My new site is kickin@$$ and it will launch very VERY soon! I’m super excited about that. As a result, I won’t be uploading (not that I have recently) but my new work too much on dA. I’ll be sticking to my site and on my Behance account www.behance.net/djsoundwav

Also, Radio Revolution FM stream is up and running. You can listen to good music while you create your masterpieces! www.radiorevolutionfm.com

Lastly, I’m working on streaming more LIVE stuff from my desktop including some critiquing sessions where people can logon and show me (me and my design buddies) you’re work and give it a LIVE, fair critique. Pretty much tell you if its awesome or it sucks.

Anyway, this was long overdue. Thank you for the messages, nice comments, support and overall awesomeness. You guys are splendid.

Hope we get to chat more often :ahoy: